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today i am excited about everything.

Band of Kinfolk

on December 4, 2012

Just this moment:


Months ago now, I sat in a dark auditorium and watched as two people that I’m related to through my small shoe size and last name prepared to create, together, one of the truest gifts on this side of The Hope That Is To Come- music.

There were words exchanged that mean something only to those who can bear the years of college as a Music Major. Words wrapped in equal shares of frustration and laughter and joy.

They raggedly stopped and started, carefully crafting their (shared) life work.

For a few moments, in a simple duet, I listened concretely to the legacy of my family.

Things have not always been so beautiful in our relationships. There have been flashes when it seemed like what was severed just-maybe-might be irreparable. But somehow, around and around we have navigated through this life together on our common strands- Faith. Family.

I’m holding this moment in my heart today, knowing that we are all aging our way out of this lifespan and these moments won’t be forever. They are fragile- made more precious in their delicate nature.

We are unique, this band of kinfolk who fiercely love the tuba and bassoon and singing and kids and our Creator and sometimes even: each other.


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