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You Are Making Me New

Dear 2012,

I’m a little slow in writing this letter to you (like, 3 months slow), but honestly, if we’re going to be friends during the next 12-ish months, you should probably get used to that. Finishing things in a super timely manner is not something I would list under “Special Skills” on my resume.

So, 20-12, here’s the thing.

You’re already lucky, with your oversized bag bearing change and new and beauty. I’m not sure how you managed to pack so many unicorns and rainbows into the last 81 days, but let me tell you: we might be soulmates.

You see, 2011 beat me up a bit. He was like that boyfriend that you know you shouldn’t go back to because every time you ask him if he’s cheating, he averts his eyes and changes the subject. He brought a bit of heartbreak, and by the end of the year, I was tired. And tired of being tired.

But 2012, you’ve released me in some incredible ways. You have long wavy hair, oversized sunglasses, and you smell of the rain and adventure. I want to be best friends with you.

And, my new friend, I’m quite aware things won’t always be perfect. I’m accepting that as the thing we all refer to as “life”.

But I’m also accepting a spirit of gratitude. Gratitude even for 2011, because while I’m more than happy to show him the door, I also rest firmly in my blessings today because of who he was. And for that, I’m thankful.

So, 2012, pop those high heels into your purse and let’s grab hands and run hard with wanderlust blowing in our hair as we journey together. Let’s accept our baggage, but not let it coerce us into traveling slower. Let’s skip after Our Creator, who has truly given us all things to work towards His good.

Here we go, my new friend. Just you & I & He.

Yours till 2013,


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